In India, Google offers a free course on digital marketing that instructs students in the fundamentals of the field while also introducing them to Google’s offerings. Google will issue you a certificate if you complete the programme and pass the online test. A strong and capable digital marketer is one who has earned a Google certification. Each and every Google certificate can be gotten entirely online at no cost.

Curriculum for the Google Digital Marketing Course

You can access this course through the Google Skillshop platform. Everyone will be able to learn about nine different subjects as of August 2020. Below is a list of the topics that will find you some of the good Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India.

  • Google AdWords

  • The service Google Analytics allows you to track

  • Using the Google Marketing Platform, you may promote your videos

  • YouTube’s Waze Academy

  • Google’s Educational Initiative

  • In Google Ads Manager, authorised buyers

  • Google Mobile Ads

  • In “Digital Unlock by Google”

Digital marketers can earn Google Certifications (for all courses)

Users of all experience levels, from novices to experts, can enrol in Google Certification classes to learn how to put strategies into practise in a practical setting. The goal of this course is to expose learners to the most advanced digital marketing technology currently accessible. Additionally, it helps students get ready for certification tests

Search Google Adwords

This article covers the fundamentals of remarketing lists for search advertisements. There are hints on how to adjust ad campaigns to the requirements of natural specialty leads as well.

A display of Google Ads

You will learn how to spot and analyse display advertisements in this course. How to promote your business using the websites and apps of the Google Network. This is true for remarketing campaigns as well.

Assistance is available for Google Adwords App Campaigns that will be used on mobile devices. There are numerous methods for building cross-functional ad strategies that can be adapted to smartphone platforms. You will be able to start mobile app campaigns after completing this course.

Google Shopping Ads

This course aims to show you how to display retail advertising on the Google Network. It is described how to create and manage a Google Merchant Centre account in a number of different ways. Numerous techniques can be used to optimise a Google shopping campaign.

Public access to Google’s online course is now available

This is a summary of how digital marketing is doing right now. Both strategic phrases and important topic information are included. This course includes a beginner’s course. Visit the Digital Unlocked Portal to learn more.

Using Google Analytics for training

Effective tactics are given, and analytics tools are introduced so that Google Analytics can optionally be used to measure lead pulses. You can use analytics with Google Ads in a variety of ways to offer your campaign a competitive edge.

Google My Business (GMB) Training

You will learn how to use the Google My Business (GMB) Platform in this course. It covers a variety of GMB best practises as well as how to manage nearby businesses on the platform effectively.

Google Video Ads

It is covered how to create engaging films and several methods for using them as effective advertising tools. You will learn how to understand YouTube and Google Network Video Ads in this course.

Does completing a Google Certification Course suffice to qualify as a Professional?


Does completing a Google Certifications Course suffice to qualify as a digital marketing professional? This question baffles a lot of students. No, is the response. Even if there are several platforms and networks for digital marketing, only a few themes are covered in online certification programmes. It won’t cover things like SEO, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Slideshare, Inbound Marketing, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, ORM, and a variety of other things. In order to improve your reputation, it is typically advised that you enrol in a digital marketing course in Hyderabad taught by an experienced instructor.