Introducing DevTranslate an online json translator app for developers

Today we’re proud to announce the release of a completely new Aexol project: DevTranslate. It’s a fairly small and very simple tool which enables everyone from product owners to copywriters to easily translate an application into a number of languages with just a few clicks. This lets you streamline the whole localization process, saving you time and resources.



As a copywriter I can assure you there’s few tasks as repetitive and tedious as copy-pasting text into online translators for localization. It’s even worse for developers working with JSON files where using popular online translators means copy pasting string by string. With DevTranslate you get your translations instantly with no extra work required. It’s as simple as uploading a file, choosing the languages we want to translate it into and downloading the results.


Easy to use: has a simple and transparent UI and requires only a few clicks

Precise: relies on highly accurate AI translations and preserves code syntax

Versatile: supports JSON, XML, STRINGS and ARB files or simply pasting the code

Cost-effective: a simple subscription with a 20k character limit (and a pay-as-you-go option)

check it out at


It’s especially useful for applications and websites where regular changes to the content require repeated translations which are not only time consuming but also prone to error. With DevTranslate all you have to do is open your locales folder, upload the files to DevTranslate, download their translated versions and place them in the appropriate folders. The entire process is streamlined and can be done by one person in a matter of minutes. We sincirely hope you’ll try it out and give us some feedback on what we can improve!


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