Looking to buy an Apple phone in Sri Lanka

Looking to buy an apple phone price in sri lanka phone in Sri Lanka? Let’s explore the iPhone prices in the country. Apple phones, especially iPhones, are known for their top-notch features and performance. In Sri Lanka, the prices of Apple phones vary based on the model and storage capacity. For instance, the latest flagship model, iPhone 13 Pro Max, ranges from LKR 300,000 to LKR 350,000. The iPhone 13 Pro falls between LKR 250,000 and LKR 300,000, while the iPhone 13 is priced from LKR 200,000 to LKR 250,000. If you prefer a compact option, the iPhone 13 mini ranges from LKR 150,000 to LKR 200,000. For budget-conscious buyers, the iPhone SE (2020) comes at a price of LKR 80,000 to LKR 100,000. Remember to check with authorized resellers or official websites for the latest prices and ensure a genuine product.


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