Post the pandemic era, the work and lifestyle of many individuals have changed. People living in their own homes have a sense of belonging to the space. The same may not be true for them if it is a rental home. When people looked for a fully-furnished house for rent, they were looking for a place to stay and rest after work hours. Today, they want the space to feel like theirs, irrespective of where they stay.


There are often misconceptions that when people rent a furnished 1BHK or studio apartment, they are not allowed to do anything to make the space their own. It can be tricky, but on the contrary, after having a word with the landlord of the apartment/property and looking at the agreement terms, the tenants can customise their space within guidelines. A home resident can change their space with tiny additions in many ways.



Looking to personalise the fully furnished 1BHK house for rent for a more comfy and cosy experience? The following tips will help transform the place instantly:

  • Fabrics and Textures: The easiest way to customise a home without burning a hole in the pocket is by investing in rugs/ carpets for the living room and bedrooms. A good rug can complete the aesthetic of a room instantly. The rugs must be selected as per the tiles in the room. If the house has granite or Linoleum tiles for rent, invest in a comfy wool rug that keeps the feet nice and warm. Pick a stylish natural fabric rug if the apartment has wooden floors. The tenant can also add textures to the apartment by investing in paintings and prop it against the wall on the floor. This prevents drilling holes in the wall and adds texture to the space.

  • Indoor plants: The new-age tenants seek to be surrounded by outdoor greenery; why not incorporate that indoors too? The millennial tenant can beautify their 1BHK and studio homes by incorporating plants from the local nursery. They can choose from plants like Monstera, snake plants, money plants and succulents. A green space calms the mind instantly and allows the resident to feel happy and be better productive with their daily tasks.

  • Pillows and throw blankets: When landlords rent a fully furnished house, they usually include a sofa in the living room and a mattress with a bed frame in the bedroom. Modern tenants can add an element of uniqueness and express themselves by decorating the existing non-negotiable furniture in the apartment space. Many online stores sell quirky and aesthetic sofa and bed pillows that can instantly change the space’s vibe. Throw blankets are also a great investment for a fully furnished rental home. They are comfortable blankets that can be put on the sofa or spread on the edge of the bed. Tenants can use them while watching a movie in the living room. It also adds a cosy vibe to the space.

  • Standing bookshelves and storage units: The bookshelves are a great option as decor in a fully furnished apartment. Plenty of antique stores exist in the city’s nooks and crannies within a city and online. People can find second-hand vintage standing bookshelves or mini cupboards to decorate their space. These units can also double as storage space in the bedroom/ kitchen or a showcase shelf in the living room.


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