Setting Right Goals Digital Marketing is growing like never before. Almost all companies are investing in Digital Marketing to gain a large share in Digital Marketing. Creating effective Digital Marketing. Competition is growing rapidly in Digital Marketing. To be successful, Companies need to be strategic while investing in Digital Marketing. Strategy is very important to increase Brand Awareness, Audience Engagement, and Sales. When planning an effective digital marketing strategy, it is important to set SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Some tips for setting SMART goals include specifying what the Company wants its overall goal to be (e.g. increasing website traffic), listing the specific actions you need to take to achieve that goal (in terms of website visits or social media followers), setting a timeline for when the company wants the goal to be met, and making sure the goal is relevant to your business (both now and in the future).   Identifying Target Audience Once the company has set its goals, it is important to determine who the target audience is. Identifying the right target audience is most important when it comes to creating an effective strategy. Target Audience is a group of people […] read more