Introduction The world has suddenly taken a turn towards mobile app development companies, and Intelvue is one of the best in this sector. If you are looking to start a mobile app development company venture, Intelvue is your best bet. Machine learning Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that involves getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. It includes techniques like regression, clustering and classification. Machine learning is used in many areas, including business and medicine. For example, it’s used to predict customer behavior at Amazon. The algorithm learns from data about past purchases made by customers and predicts when people will buy something again based on their previous purchasing history (e.g., if they’ve bought books before). AR/VR AR/VR is a new technology that has been gaining momentum in the tech community. From gaming, entertainment and education to healthcare and even fashion, AR/VR is being used to solve many problems. The technology behind these applications can be complex but it’s worth exploring because it can revolutionize so many industries by eliminating the need for physical objects or people. For example: imagine walking into your living room and seeing yourself sitting on top of an IKEA table as […] read more