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A detailed guide to choosing the right blinds for your home

Previous Next We get asked quite a lot about what we think is the best method to make sure that blinds complement any particular home design. With so many types of blinds to choose from, not to mention the ever-increasing amount of materials and fabrics to select, it can prove to be quite a daunting task. Whilst there is no definitive process, due to all of the variables present, there are a few things that you can keep an eye out for.   Colours The colours of your home’s interior and exterior can play a pivotal role in choosing the right blinds or curtains. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to colour match everything in your home’s design to the one shade, either. Contrast, lighter and darker tones, and even a mixture of all three, in some cases, can all look great in conjunction with one another. The exterior architectural style of your home, however, is a key illustrator of what can work.   More contemporary style homes and apartments often suit more muted colours and contrasts, tolerating subtle pastel shades to a point. Whereas, for a more traditional style home design, enriched with natural brick colour, the world […] read more
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5 Major Benefits of Made to Order Blinds

Previous Next When you think of buying new blinds for your home, you will probably question yourself, whether to go for “off the rack” blinds or custom blinds. The question is what’s the difference? Are custom blinds worth the extra money? Although the readymade blinds may be a more cost-effective option, there are many advantages of custom blinds that cannot be ignored – here are some of them! Improved Fit = Improved Look Just like clothing, prefabricated blinds come in standard sizes. However, the problem with that is just like us, windows do not have a standard size too! Buying prefabricated or “off the rack” blinds means that there will always be some extra work left to be done to make the blinds fit perfectly. Customised or made to order blinds, on the other hand, are specifically tailored to suit your windows exclusively. So, you can be rest assured that they will fit perfectly and look beautiful. Wide Range of Fabrics and Colours When it comes to choosing the perfect fabric or colour for your blinds, nothing is impossible or enough. You always have the option of choosing from an ocean of options and pick exactly what you want, with the […] read more
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Blinds in Derby

Moonlite Blinds are proud to provide a wide range of Made to Measure Blinds in Derby. Whether it’s cosy living room blinds for the home. Sleek and professional commercial blinds for your office. The team at Moonlite Blinds ensure a first class service to help you find the best Blinds in Newcastle Under Lyme for your needs.We have a range of designs to choose from, including Roller Blinds in Newcastle under Lyme, Roman Blinds in Newcastle under Lyme and perfect fit blinds to seamlessly suit any interior decor.Our experienced blind fitters are on hand to offer all the advice and insight you need, and are happy to show you a full range of options with a free home visit and measuring service throughout the Newcastle under Lyme. read more
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