As the cannabis industry continues to expand, more and more people are looking to become a budtender – a professional who serves customers in cannabis dispensaries. Becoming a budtender requires a great deal of knowledge about cannabis products and their effects, as well as customer service skills.For those looking to become a budtender, there are many benefits to professional budtender training. Here are a few of the most important ones:1. Learn about cannabis products: A professional budtender training program will provide you with detailed information about cannabis products, how they work, and the effects they can have on users. This knowledge is essential for any budtender, as they need to be able to answer customer questions and provide them with accurate information.2. Develop customer service skills: As a budtender, you need to be comfortable working with customers and providing them with an excellent experience. Professional budtender training will teach you the basics of customer service, such as how to greet customers and handle different types of requests.3. Understand the laws: In order to work as a budtender, you need to understand the laws and regulations related to cannabis. Professional budtender training will provide you with a comprehensive overview of […] read more