Construction project teams need to deal with various elements every day such as subcontractors, equipment, and materials as well as additional factors to make adjustments. Especially in remote places, construction projects get more complicated and generate a huge mass of data that needs to be analyzed before making a decision. Here data analytics play a significant role in analyzing the construction market in Oman, to increase the speed and accuracy of this analysis more efficiently than a human could achieve. Why use data analytics in Oman’s construction market? Data analytics help construction teams build budgets that include regional labor and material prices. A detailed market analysis helps you increase your share in the existing sector and create insight for the business. Benefits of data analytics in the construction market. Data analytics improves the accuracy of a business by reducing human error while collecting data, time sheets, and delivery receipts. Data analytics can identify any high-risk patterns and safety issues in the construction project. Data analytics play a key role in improving the efficiency of the business by helping them to know customer preferences, trends, and so on. With the help of data analytics, valuable information can be accurately analyzed thereby […] read more