How to Cut Costs With a Virtual Assistant   Virtual assistants can cut your costs by doing a variety of tasks on your behalf, and they are often highly efficient. You can even outsource clerical tasks like answering phone calls to them. As they are not employees, they do not have equity in your business, so you can save money by not having to pay them a salary. However, you should always make sure to remain actively involved with your virtual assistant and provide them with feedback and a step-by-step onboarding process to ensure that they are working to your expectations. data entry services Task-based paying eliminates the need for time tracking   The most common challenge with hiring a virtual assistant is knowing exactly what they’re doing. It can be tricky to track how much time your VA spends on specific tasks, so it’s essential to use an accurate time tracking system. A tool such as Time Doctor can help you keep track of time spent on different tasks. This software also allows you to manage your virtual staff by setting up tasks, assigning them to the right people, and monitoring their activities.   Time tracking is important to […] read more