A two yr repeated subject experiment was conducted from 1 October 2014 and 2015 to 30 April 2015 and 2016 to research the effect fall-utilized supplemental K fertilization, morning traffic (when the turfgrass canopy temperature was beneath freezing), and afternoon visitors (utilized the same day as the morning visitors) had on visible turfgrass quality, shoot chlorophyll , normalized difference vegetative index (NDVI), ball roll, surface firmness, soil volumetric water content, soil bulk density, soil natural matter levels, soil K focus, and tissue K focus of ‘Crenshaw’ creeping bentgrass. Its origin dates again to August 2014 when Pilewski’s son, Joey, suffered an elbow harm while making an attempt out for a travel workforce. An NFL crew plays both on Astroturf and on pure grass, and the surface on recreation day could be dry, damp, wet or icy. The study was also initiated to find out if afternoon site visitors at 0300 HR on the identical day as the morning site visitors had an impression on the turfgrass playability, efficiency, and well being. Overall, traffic therapies, particularly these applied in the morning at 0800 HR, had a significant impression on creeping bentgrass well being and appearance. In addition, potassium (K) is a […] read more