The rapid advancement in Tech-world is continuously introducing a plethora of app development technologies, including platforms, frameworks, advanced programming languages, and ready-made tools.  But among all new-age technologies, JavaScript is still trending for website and mobile app development. Since it is Java-based most reliable programming language hence a question arises whether can JavaScript is helpful in designing big enterprises applications, so here are the reasons: Compatibility with Web browser and Android platform The approach of every large-scale business is to use every tech-based resource including android, iOS, and browsers, and OS, to give the best use experience to its client. In regard to this, JavaScript wins the battle and provides every natively rendered cross-platform and web browser (Google, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and many others) compatibility.  Faster development process Every business, irrespective of its size, needs to finish the development process quickly. JS fulfills that requirement by offering speedy app development. In order to get a hassle-free JavaScript-based website or android app, you can hire JavaScript developers.  Cost-effective application development Costing matters a lot for a business to own a business-based application, and JavaScript is rich in them. The feature of code-reusability reduces the java developers‘ efforts and time to write […] read more