How to gain weight in legs If you want to gain weight in your legs, you need to know a few essential things. One of the most important things is not just about getting more calories than what you burn. You also have to make sure they’re healthy calories so your body can use them properly. If that doesn’t work, then adding some extra protein may help because the nutrients from that will be used for rebuilding new muscles and tissues, which will cause an increase in fat storage in certain areas like the legs. There are many reasons you might want to gain weight in your legs, and there are many ways to do it. Some people may be trying to put on weight for their sport; others may have a medical reason or want to better shape. No matter the reasoning behind wanting more leg muscle, this article will help provide some answers for how to do so. How to gain weight in thighs The legs are one of the essential parts of your body. It is how you stand and walk, so they must be strong and healthy. If you’re looking for tips to gain weight in […] read more