Practically no. Technically yes! Water taps for the kitchen and bathroom only had a difference between them a few years ago with the revolution in the designs of the faucets.  The significant difference between the kitchen in bathroom faucets is their type and placement The difference lies in where you want to install that faucet, and what kind of faucet will be compatible with the water connections in that area. Water taps have two installation types:  Countertop or Table mount  Wall mount  Now mostly in shower areas or bathrooms, there are wall-mount faucets like the wall mixer taps and the bib taps and other faucets that are fixed onto the wall and have water flowing from them through interior pipes embedded in the wall. However, pillar taps and single lever water taps are used with modern wash basins in the bathroom where the washbasin is kept on a marble/granite slab. These are table-mount water taps.  Wall-mount mixer taps are popular in kitchens also in the kitchen sink area sink mixers with swivel or rotating spouts are the most common in households these days. You can purchase the Kitchen and bathroom taps online by sitting on your couch. LIPKA offers a […] read more