A lean body mass calculator is a tool that can estimate your body fat percentage and lean body mass. Lean body mass includes muscle, bone, and water. Body fat percentage is the total amount of fat tissue in your body divided by the total amount of weight you are carrying. This calculator helps you calculate your lean weight and determine if you are at a healthy level for Body mass index (BMI) category. A body with a high lean body mass will have a lower BMI score than if it has more fat tissue. What is the functionality of the Lean Body Mass Calculator? The lean body mass calculator requires you to enter your measurements such as weight, height, waist and hip size, and age. The calculator also calculates BMI based on your gender and age. Based on these details, it calculates the amount of fat and lean tissue in your body. The results can be viewed on a chart showing BMI categories for men and women. You can also calculate your BMI score, which is a great tool to know if you are at the right body weight. How do I use the Lean body mass calculator? A lean […] read more