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water damage macbook in dubai

If you still water your MacBook with water or something else, don’t panic, we’ll tell you what needs to be done to save the laptop and to prevent as much as possible serious consequences from getting moisture before arriving at the service center. We should not forget that any electronics is not designed for contact with water, and its components (boards, circuits) react very quickly, the count goes on seconds! So, first of all, you need to calm down, then proceed to resuscitation: water damage macbook near me Step 1 . Turn off your Macbook  as quickly as possible by pressing and holding the power button!Step 2 . Disconnect it from the network and peripherals (if they are connected) Step 3 . Take paper towels or towels and wipe the liquid as far as possible. Option No. 2 – we turn the laptop upside down with the keyboard and put it open on a towel on the edge of the table (the keyboard lies on the table, the screen hangs). Step 4 . If you have a screwdriver at hand, quickly turn the laptop over, unscrew the screws securing the back cover, and remove the battery. water damage macbook in dubaiStep […] read more
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Master Lab Repair – Rivenditore Autorizzato e Centro Assistenza Apple

Master Lab Repair® è un rivenditore autorizzato e centro assistenza Apple. Il nostro obiettivo è quello di garantire ai clienti la migliore esperienza d’acquisto, un eccellente servizio post vendita e di semplificare l’utilizzo dei dispositivi acquistati, rendendo il mondo della tecnologia alla portata di tutti. Acquista e Ripara i tuoi prodotti Apple come iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, Watch, EarPods e accessori. Online e in Store. Anche in comode rate. Shop Online: read more
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Macbook repair dubai

Macbook Repair Dubai near me. Situations are different and we are ready to help each client solve his problem. This can be an urgent macbook pro repair macbook air repair , departure to the client, delivery of the device after the repair, etc.We are not afraid of the complexity of breaking! our Certified laptop engineers will perform maintenance, cleaning, software installation, or repairing a laptop of any complexity in a minimum amount of time. Usually, 2 hours is enough for you to get a fully functioning laptop back.After repairing a macbook, an official guarantee is issued for all types of services provided and used spare parts. Macbook Repair dubai, the experienced technician carefully repairs all types of MacBook! Extensive experience and our spare parts warehouse – 100% guarantee of a quick solution to your problems! Causes of malfunctions Most often, a laptop repair service center has to be contacted for the following reasons: · violation of the rules of use; · software errors; · low-quality external equipment; · dust contamination and overheating; · mechanical damage.     Breakdown prevention In our company, you can order laptop repair, regardless of configurations and causes of malfunctions. But for the laptop to last longer and […] read more
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