Black diesel is one of the important fuels that is filled in multiple high-brand cars. Diesel has its advantages which is why it is common among people. Apart from this, as it has offered multiple advantages, the development in the world also has created multiple disadvantages and problems for the people. The smoke that black diesel produces is highly toxic to multiple species of living organisms. We must save these species, or it can cause many species to be endangered. In this blog, you will learn more about black diesel smoke, what causes vehicles to produce black diesel smoke and its harmful environmental effects. So keep reading. What is Black Diesel Smoke Black diesel smoke is a highly harmful and toxic smoke produced by vehicles. It is composed of elemental carbon formed from the incomplete combustion of diesel fuel and traces of the engine lubricant. The exhaust of the typical diesel engine contains different substances such as elemental carbon (soot), semi-volatile organic hydrocarbons, sulfates (primarily sulfuric acid) and water vapors. When does the Vehicle Produce Black Diesel Smoke? The vehicle is capable of producing black diesel smoke in the following conditions: Carbon Deposits The diesel engine is more prone to […] read more