Home Painting. Choosing Colours for your Painting and Decorating Job. If you have ever painted your home before then you know that the first thing a Painter and Decorator does is decide on a colour scheme for the Painting and Decorating job at hand. Even if you have done it before, choosing the right colours for your house can be tricky. Firstly because colours and finishes are affected by light and secondly because it can be tricky to choose a colour scheme just right so that it reflects the right image of your house and at the same time it feels right and cosy.   When painting your home, choosing the colours for your walls is quite different to choosing colours for your office for example, or shop… A Home has to feel homely so you can’t have the same Wall colours as a commercial building. While the business premises tend to go for more vibrant and neutral colours so to contribute to a vibrant and productive work environment, Home painting and decorating is more inclined towards subtle colours to induce calmness and wellbeing feeling that any home owner wants.There are a variety of Painting and Paint products available on the market […] read more