Adobe Illustrator can transform vectorizing an image. This process is called raster-to-vector conversion. After you’ve converted your raster image into a vector, you’ll need to tweak it in order to make it as perfect as you can. First, find the white area at the top of the image. Create a vector that is ready to press Adobe Illustrator is a program that lets you create numerous graphics, including vectors that are ready for printing. The images are made using the exclusive AI format based on the PDF and the EPS standards. AI files are mostly vector-based, but they can also contain embedded images with rasterization. You can export them in EPS or PDF formats to print or use on websites. Adobe Illustrator allows you to modify the elements in a matter of minutes such as fonts and colors. Illustrator is a versatile application, which makes it the ideal tool for designing logos, mascots, and many other types of graphics. It’s also flexible enough to be used to design one-page prints, and can be used to blend raster images with a variety of other elements. Illustrator also offers powerful typesetting capabilities. Convert a raster photo to an vector format If you […] read more