Types Of Facebook Ads Which Every Marketer Should Know!

Advertising on Facebook has been one of the most exclusive steps to spread brand awareness. Marketers found it quite beneficial for their businesses. They can host ads for their brand in different styles and formats to catch the audience’s sight. But, some advertisers are unaware of the Facebook ads and their specifications. So, we are mentioning the same for our readers to spread more knowledge about the same: 

The types of Facebook ads are: 

Image Ads: 

Image ads look just like content and appear in the form of pictures. The users can create an image ad by boosting any existing posts from your Facebook page.

Video Ads: 

You can run video ads in Facebook News Feed & Stories. Video ads are more creative and can catch more traffic than image ads. Marketers don’t need to shoot an ad to create video ads. They can add animated GIFs and animations relevant to their brand.

Carousel Ads: 


Carousel ad creation requires adding 10 images and videos to highlight your product specifications. You can even use such types of ads to mention the privileges of your brands.

Slideshow Ads: 


One of the most elegant type of Facebook ads is slideshow ads. These ads are quite easy to create as the marketers have to pile up images, short video clips and GIFs to create a slideshow. It can load speedily on the internet even with a slow connection.

Collection Ads: 


These ads are Facebook paid ads which are applicable only for mobiles. The advertisers can promote five images and videos, and the viewers can click to buy the specific product or service.

Canvas Ads: 

Facebook Canvas ads are also known as instant experience ads. These ads appear on full screen and load 15 times faster than a normal mobile website.

Lead Ads: 

Lead ads basically work for mobiles. They are the perfect solution for collecting newsletters, signing up for trial, spreading information about the product, etc.


Wrapping Up:


We hope our readers understand the types of Facebook ads the marketers can use to spread brand awareness and generate leads for their business. 


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