Let’s talk about YouTube. Probably all of us have squandered an afternoon watching amusing cat videos.

YouTube has long been a place to find entertaining content, but it’s increasingly becoming seen as an essential tool for marketing. In actuality, 55% of marketers use YouTube as a component of their marketing strategy.

You may reply, “That’s great, but my audience isn’t on YouTube.” Please think it over.

YouTube is not just where your audience is, but as the second-largest search engine on the internet, it might also benefit your SEO efforts and overall brand exposure. YouTube may be used by marketers to deliver unique content that is easy to watch and share.

Organic YouTube promotion marketing can be a difficult tool for brands. It combines SEO with video, one of the media formats that requires the greatest resources. We’ve created this thorough guide for both experienced and new YouTube users because of this. From creating a channel and optimising videos for SEO to managing a YouTube advertising campaign and deciphering video analytics, we’ll walk you through every step of the ways to find Websites To Promote YouTube Channel.

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Create Your Own YouTube Channel

So, you’ve decided to launch a YouTube channel. Great! To define goals, pick video topics, and effectively market your new channel, you’ll now need a YouTube marketing strategy.

Before we begin, keep in mind that maintaining a YouTube channel requires a significant amount of time and effort. Are you ready to deal with it?

Unlike other social networking platforms, YouTube solely hosts video content. You’ll need to set aside regular time to plan, shoot, edit, market, and review your content. Additionally, you must describe the goals for your brand and develop a plan for how video might aid in achieving those goals.

Creating a YouTube Account

Now that you have a Google account, you are almost ready to create some amazing video content.

There’s more, though. you’ll need to register for a YouTube Brand Account. With a Brand Account, users may control editing privileges and create a more extensive online presence.

Adding Permissions to Your YouTube Brand Account

Decide who on your team will need account access before you start implementing your YouTube marketing strategy. Giving team members channel access will enable them to control it with their individual Google accounts.

When granting access to a Google account, there are three possible roles:


 possess total authority over all Google corporate properties. They can change corporate data, add and remove managers, respond to consumer comments, and more.

Owners and Managers both have the same editing rights, however Managers cannot add or remove page roles or listings. A YouTube channel can only be updated by a manager or owner.

However, they are unable to use YouTube’s video manager, submit content, or look at analytics. Communications Managers are only able to respond to reviews and carry out a number of other responsibilities.

Steps for Launching Your Own YouTube Channel

Do you want to use the same Google account to create a new channel? It’s possible, and you can do it on YouTube. Maybe you want to start a distinct channel for your own films, or you want to start a second brand inside the same business. Both ways, the process is straightforward. As follows:

YouTube Brand Guidelines

Consider your company’s brand as having an extension on your YouTube channel. As you create and customise your YouTube channel, abide by these brand guidelines to accurately establish your channel’s identity and start gaining subscribers.

Your channel name is linked to each video you upload. Ensure that it is accurate and consistent with your other social media profiles and branding.

Google advises using a square or circular image with a resolution of 800 x 800 pixels. Your channel’s icon resembles a Facebook profile picture. All of your Google accounts, including Gmail, will display this image. If you are a public figure, think about using a corporate logo or a professional headshot.

Post an image with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels that will look good on a desktop, tablet, phone, and television.

More information about your company and the kinds of videos you plan to offer should be included in your channel description. Include relevant keywords in your summary because search engines consider your description when determining your profile’s ranking. We’ll go over how to optimise particular video descriptions down below.

For the channel: Your trailer should be between 30 and 60 seconds long and succinct. Make an effort to educate people about your channel and what they can expect from your broadcasts. Your trailer won’t be interrupted by ads, focusing the viewer’s attention on the reasons they should watch more.

If your channel is more than 30 days old, has more than 100 subscribers, a channel icon, and channel art, you can be qualified for a custom URL. You can learn more about customised YouTube URLs here.


Links to channels: Link to all of your other social media profiles and relevant websites from the “About” section of your channel. Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you in different ways.